A Review of the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

March 25th, 2019 by

We’ve had the 2019 Nautilus on our lot for about 6 months and we can’t seem to order enough. Seriously. Here’s a review of the newest vehicle to Lincoln’s lineup and honestly everything you need to know about it before you check it out in person.

Safety Features

We’re diving into the safety features first because they’re the biggest feature Lincoln is focusing on with the Nautilus. When the new vehicle was first introduced, Lincoln also introduced Co-Pilot 360, which is essentially several different safety packages. The vehicle itself is supposed to be a co-pilot of sorts to the driver.

Lane Centering:

This new feature uses data from forward-facing radar technology and a camera to provide continuous steering support to help keep the vehicle centred in the lane.

In theory, the Nautilus can drive down the highway without the driver touching any of the controls. However, the system will begin chiming after about 15 seconds if the driver doesn’t place their hands on the wheel. Understandably so, as we don’t encourage drivers to not pay attention and be in control for an extended period of time.

Enhanced Security Package:

This available package includes an interior motion sensor that detects any movement inside the vehicle. Say goodbye to any robbers attempting to take anything from your vehicle.

This package is also equipped with an inclination motion sensor that detects any changes in the vehicle’s angle. This feature would be perfect if you’re doing any towing or jacking.

Personal Safety System:

This feature comes standard from Lincoln and includes dual-stage front airbags, front safety belt pre-tensioners and safety belt energy-management retractors. If you ever get into an accident in the Nautilus, Lincoln has your safety at the top of their priority list.

More Standard Safety Features:

  • Crash severity sensor
  • Driver’s seat position sensor
  • Restraint control module
  • Front-Passenger Sensing System
  • Front safety belt usage sensors

New Tech

Expect to get a better view of your surroundings in the Nautilus. This new vehicle is equipped with four cameras on the front, rear and sides that merge to provide a birds-eye view around the vehicle. Lincoln claims you’ll be able to see down sidewalks while backing up and navigating tight parking spots with a breeze.

The 180-degree split-view camera is located in the vehicle’s grille helps boost visibility even more. Enjoy different angles and views when you’re in traffic, intersections, and seeing around parked cars.  

Don’t forget about the Lincoln Way app and Lincoln Connect that your passengers will thank you for. Enjoy 4G Wi-Fi and features like starting your vehicle and unlocking/locking your vehicle from your phone.


Lincoln’s biggest seller has been the MKX midsize crossover, but now the new facelifted and renamed 2019 Nautilus is taking people by storm. Its name literally hints at Navy submarine references or perhaps a spiral shell. Regardless of the name, the MKX has definitely made a splash in the market.

Given a new base 2.0 litre turbo four-cylinder engine, the Nautilus has replaced the MKX’s 3.7L V6 as this SUV’s base engine. The new engine boasts 250 hp and 280 pound-feet of torque. For an extra $3,000 you can upgrade to a 2.7L twin-turbo V6 that’s rated at 335 hp and 380 lb-ft. Both engines are hooked to a new eight-speed auto.

Time For A Test Drive

If you’re interested in the new and improved MKX, come take a look at the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus in person. Choose from nine different Nautilus’ we have in stock and get all the information your heart desires from one of our Lincoln Product Specialists. See you soon! 😉

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