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December 19th, 2016 by
Capital Christmas

Wishing you & your family the best over the winter break!

In 2013, Statistics Canada reported that 12.7 million Canadians, aged 15 and over, volunteered through charitable groups and organizations. A further 5.6 million Canadians claimed charitable donations on their tax filings that year. We shouldn’t be surprised by the generous spirit of Canadians, but neither should we become complacent in our efforts to help those in need. During the holidays, when most of us celebrate with decorations, gifts, and an excess of food, people in our own communities are without the necessities of life. That’s why, as we celebrate within the Capital Ford Lincoln family, we encourage you to spread a little Christmas goodwill of your own.


One of our initiatives this Christmas is our partnership with St. Augustine School and Jean Vanier School for children with significant intensive needs. Each year, the schools host over 400 students and their family members for a Christmas dinner. This year, we’re helping out with food, gifts, and volunteer support to give the children a holiday experience they might not be able to otherwise enjoy. We hope that our small example encourages others in the Capital community to make a similar difference in the lives of others.



There are a number specific ways for you to get involved, and a number of organizations that would welcome your help. The food bank, the Adopt-A-Family Children’s Foundation charity, animal shelters, children’s hospitals, retirement homes, and more are always looking for donations and volunteer support. If we all direct a little support to people in need, we can make Christmas better for everyone.

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