Double Date In Your Lincoln

May 27th, 2021 by

Get to and from your double date night in our luxury lineup of Lincolns. 


Time To Reconnect

After many long months cooped up inside, we’re all looking forward to shedding that winter skin as we rejoice and reconnect with family and friends! What better way to catch up with old friends than to venture out on a date and enjoy good food and good company along the way. SO, choose your designated driver then buckle up and get ready for fine wine. 


Wine O’Clock

There are many cheeky puns and jokes surrounding vino, but if there were ever a time for it to be wine o’ clock, it’s now. Cue Homestead Bar A Vin. This local wine bar located in the East End of Regina is host to an expansive list of organic and natural wines from all over the world. From roses and oranges to reds and whites, be prepared to try them all!  

Prepare for take-off with their wine flights. Choose from a selection of wines and try a few that most peak your interest. This option is great because it allows you to learn about a variety of different wines and really understand which types of wines you may prefer if you’re not an avid wine drinker. The friendly and highly knowledgeable staff can recommend great options specifically tailored to your individual taste. 

Know what you like? Great! You can choose to drink by the glass from a selection of bottles or you can opt to share a bottle with your date! 


Palette Cleanser

Once you’ve dipped into the vino, it’s time for some perfectly paired entrees and mains. Their bright and unique menu offers a number of savoury and delightful options to choose from. We love the sumac popcorn for a salty and delicious snack that juxtaposes amazingly off some of their dryer, more full-bodied wines. If you like cheese, and let’s be honest, we’re sure you do, we recommend the Figs and Cheese: honey-roasted figs and goat cheese on einkorn bread. However, this cheese dish is not to be overshadowed by the Whipped Feta Bruschetta: Cherry tomatoes, herb whipped feta and bread. We know, we know. Cheese heaven. 

Those snacks and starters were just getting your stomach ready for what’s to come next, AKA your delicious mains. This is your first date out in months, you may as well treat yourself. And treat yourself you will, to Golden Beet Risotto and Beet Bourguignon. These two beet-based mains encompass all that is vibrancy, flavour, and substance. The risotto is a golden beet reduction with prawns and parmesan. If you’re noticing that cheese is a theme here, you would be correct. The Bourguignon on the other hand is a root vegetable stew on a creamy garlic mash. No cheese here but still full of flavour. Seriously, we’re drooling and we know that you are too. 

Find them on Instagram @homesteadbaryr and at 338C University Park Dr, Regina, SK


Ready To Roll

Your first night back out is no joke. Get out all of your best threads, do your hair, and get moving. Experience the unmatched quality and performance of a Lincoln and explore our lineup of luxury SUVs. 

  • The 2021 Navigator 
  • The 2021 Aviator
  • The 2020 Nautilus
  • The 2021 Corsair


Build your Lincoln today, so you can get on the road tomorrow. Call or visit us at 1(866)891-9501 and 1201 Pasqua Street North and experience next-level luxury! 

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