An Icon: Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Edition

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2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Edition

With a rich history, the iconic Lincoln Continental has made headlines recently with its newest design, paying homage to its roots. Dramatic and distinct, the 2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Edition defines luxury.

A Rich History

The icon was born in 1939, commissioned as Edsel Ford’s personal car. Described as “the most beautiful car ever designed” by Frank Lloyd Wright, the 1939 Continental was powered by a V12 disguised by an elegant body, making it more than meets the eye. After World War II, the Continental was redesigned with a new grille and hood, still housing the power of the V12.

Ten years later, in 1956, the Continental Mark II was introduced and was one of the most expensive cars in the world priced at $10,000. Celebs like Elvis, Sinatra, and Elizabeth Taylor drove the Mark II. Even John F. Kennedy rode in a modified 1961 Continental as President, and James Brown in a ‘69 Continental Mark III.

The Lincoln Continental debuted the Mark V in 1977 with striking lines and designer editions by Givenchy and Bill Blass. Redesigned again in the 80s and 1992, the Continental was discontinued after it was no longer distinguishable from other luxury sedans, including the Lincoln Town Car.

Revived in 2017, the Lincoln Continental is alive and well. Redesigned with stunning features, modern technology, and truly setting the bar for luxury sedans.

80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition

Since the original Lincoln Continental in 1939, the beautiful Coach Door Anniversary edition for 2019 is extremely limited, with only 80 units available exclusively in the United States. With its design inspired by the 1960s, the 2019 special edition features centre-opening doors “to make everyone’s entrances graceful” according to a vintage advertisement. These doors deliver a retro elegance and glamour with a modern feel, unique in today’s market.

The obvious difference between the current Continental and the 80th Anniversary Edition is the centre-opening doors. The rear-hinged doors create an easy entrance to the rear seats while maintaining the glamorous feel of the model. The longer wheelbase and rear doors allow more room for the rear-hinge. The door handles are also a new design, paying tribute to the 1961 model.

Step inside the luxury sedan for a real treat. The unique sill plate inside the door indicates #1-#80 for each limited model produced. The Black Label trim features custom upholstery and incredible modern technology. Black Label includes three choices for interior themes: Rhapsody, Chalet, and Thoroughbred. Rhapsody offers a Blue Venetian leather with incredible blue details, Alcantara trim, and chrome inserts. Chalet is a contrasting Cashmere and Espresso leather. Thoroughbred is a classy Chroma Elite Light Brown with Jet Black surfaces, Chestnut leather, and Chilean Maple wood accents.

The rear seats are their own little getaway. A stowable tray, wireless charging pad, and tablet holder allow passengers to sit in comfort while working or relaxing. Truly luxurious features include best-in-class second-row legroom, Perfect Position 30-way power seats, Active Noise Control, and a Revel Audio system. All the luxury is not without power; under the hood is a 3.0L V6 engine with 400 horses, 400 ft.-lb. Torque, and a 6-speed transmission.

Whether you’re driving this stunner or going for a ride in the back, it’s sure to impress.

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