Lincoln’s Heads Up Display (HUD)

April 18th, 2017 by

Lincoln is preparing to release a Head-Up Display (HUD) for the Continental. But it won’t be exactly like the competitors’.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Heads Up

A Heads Up Display (HUD), is dynamic information projected onto a vehicle’s windshield. It’s called heads up because it shows drivers the information they need without requiring a downward glance. This same technology is used in fighter jets where attention to the external environment is paramount. But now, HUD have started appearing in (mostly luxury) vehicles. Surely, encouraging drivers to keep their eyes on the road has an obvious safety benefit, but that’s not all.

By default, the Continental’s HUD displays connected smartphone information, such as incoming calls, and navigation information. Drivers can also customize the display to add fuel information, current speed, and external temperature. But perhaps the most exciting application for the heads up display is the lane-keep guide. As you can see in the video below, dynamic lane guidelines will be superimposed upon the road, providing feedback when drivers stray. Of course, other automakers already offer some of these features. So, what sets the Continental’s display apart from the competition?


In releasing its HUD, Lincoln will be the first to deploy Digital Light Projection (DLP) technology in a vehicle. Decades ago, Texas Instruments pioneered DLP. Until now its main application has been cinematic projection. Obviously, in movie theatres, visual clarity and sharpness are very important. Lincoln is hoping this gives them an edge over their competitors. Anthony King, Lincoln product design engineer says, “many other automakers use a different technology that doesn’t get quite as bright.”

Reportedly, and as evidenced in the video below, Lincoln’s HUD will provide enhanced visibility and limited glare. If you’ve ever looked at your smartphone while wearing polarized sunglasses, you’ll know it can look diffracted or dim. But Lincoln’s HUD should be visible even through a polarizing filter. In fact, the Continental’s heads up display will be the biggest and brightest display in class. Later this month, Lincoln will be providing a clearer demonstration of the technology.

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