Lincoln & Revel: A Commitment to Perfection

January 18th, 2018 by

Lincoln and Revel Audio

Nothing is an afterthought for Lincoln – not air vent positioning or exhaust notes, and certainly not audio quality.  So, when you listen to audio in the cabin of an Continental or Nautilus, you hear pure, clear, and encompassing sound. That’s a result of the exclusive partnership between Lincoln and Revel by Harman. Some collaborations between automakers and audio companies consist of slapping some branded speakers in whatever housing vehicle engineers had room for. But that’s not the case in your Lincoln. The partnership with Revel is highly intensive and is built upon a joint commitment to perfection. 


For 22 years, Harman has been creating first-class speakers to preserve audio fidelity and deliver an exceptional listening experience. And, for 19 of those years, Revel has been trying to bring that high standard of audio fidelity to automobiles. Of course, the layout of each vehicle presents a unique acoustic challenge. Plus, the sound of the road and wind are constant obstacles. But instead of making compromises and cutting corners, Revel waited and developed its technologies in order to bring studio quality sound into your Lincoln.

When they were finally ready, it was an easy decision for Lincoln: “The growing acceptance of Hi-Res Audio by music enthusiasts creates an opportunity for Lincoln,” said Alan Norton, senior technical leader at Ford. “It enables us to demonstrate the capabilities of our Revel sound system in the most impactful way possible, while providing our customers with an incredible listening experience.”

Revel ensures each soundwave hits your ears at the right moment at the right magnitude, so they’ve carefully engineered the positioning of speakers across the Lincoln lineup. It also means they considered things as minute as door handle placement. In the Lincoln MKZ, for example, you get a total of 20 (yes, 20!) perfectly positioned speakers. The result is complete immersion in studio quality sound. 

The Bigger Picture

However, their collaboration with Revel is just one small part of Lincoln’s ruthless dedication to perfection. Recently, its engineers teamed up with chiropractic experts to develop the Perfect Position seat. The 30-way adjustable chair is basically a luxury recliner for your car, offering the best in both comfort and ergonomics. Lincoln also added features like heating, ventilation, cooling, and massage. You even get automatically adjusting thigh extenders that move to prevent your legs from cramping over long drives.

And, of course, Lincoln exclusively uses Bridge of Weir leather imported from Scotland as their primary seating material. It isn’t a convenient or cost-effective method. But Bridge of Weir leather is one of the softest and most durable seating materials in the industry, and that’s all that matter. 

At the end of the day, simply reading about HiFi audio and comfortable seats has limits. To truly understand how quality components fit together to create a Lincoln vehicle, you need to drive one yourself. Or, maybe just sit inside one and listen to your favourite record.  

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