Lunch With Lincoln Pick up & Delivery

November 3rd, 2021 by

2020 Lincoln Corsair

Service Your Lincoln While You Lunch

The Lincoln Way App makes staying up to date with your Lincoln a breeze. Remote access, Phone as a Key and Lincoln Pick up & Delivery are just a few of its amazing features. Queue up the Lincoln Way app, and get ready for lunch with Lincoln Pick up & Delivery.


Lincoln Pick up & Delivery

Is your Lincoln due for service? Lincoln Pick up & Delivery makes servicing your vehicle seamless. 

  1. Reach Out: Hop onto The Lincoln Way app to schedule your pick-up. Choose a time and place that works best for you. 
  2. Perfect Pick-up: Whether it’s at work, home, or wherever you parked your Lincoln for lunch, our Lincoln Service Valets will pick up up your vehicle and trade you for a Lincoln Loaner. 
  3. Notifications: Receive notification updates via text or email so you stay on top of your vehicle’s service progress. 
  4. Ready to Roll: Once your service is complete, we’ll deliver your vehicle to you freshly washed and serviced.


Lunch At Dojo Ramen

While your Lincoln is being serviced, treat yourself to a delicious lunch at one of Regina’s newest and hottest restaurants. Dojo Ramen is Grassroots Group’s latest take on Korean and Japanese ramen and street food. While their full menu in its entirety features ramen, rolls, plates & bowls, steamed buns and dessert, their lunch menu has been condensed to cater to the lunch crowd. This ensures that all guests are able to enjoy an elevated lunch that hits big on flavour and time. 

So…you’re probably waiting for our recommendations, right? Say no more. 

Bento Box

If you’re privy to trying a bit of everything, we recommend the Bento Box! For $19 you can revel in steamed rice and your choice of a meat side (we love the spicy fried chicken) + a 3 piece OC Roll + a 3 piece of Mandu + mixed greens. For those who can be indecisive, this lineup gives you a perfect sampler of some of their most popular menu items. 


Hmm…but perhaps you’re more of a ramen fan? Well, look no further than their savoury and mouthwatering ramen! Warm every ounce of your being and choose from vegetarian, spicy, miso, or shoyu ramen. 


And we couldn’t possibly forget to mention their airy and light steamed bao buns. With the option to choose from pork belly, bulgogi or mushroom, these buns are a crowd favourite and pair perfectly with your ramen or a couple of rolls. 

Located in the heart of downtown Regina, this is the spot to be for a unique and aesthetic lunch and dinner experience. 












Find them on Instagram @dojoramen_regina


Luxury & Lunch Awaits

So, what’re you waiting for? It’s time to lunch The Lincoln Way. Schedule your seamless service today. 

Don’t have The Lincoln Way App? Download it today via Google Play or the App Store

To learn more about how you can experience Lincoln Luxury, call or visit us at 1(866)891-9501 and 1201 Pasqua Street North and experience next-level luxury!