Spring Clean Your Vehicle

April 24th, 2019 by

Spring is officially here and that means cleaning – in all aspects of our lives. Don’t forget about cleaning your vehicle! Here are some helpful tips to get your vehicle ready for summer road trips ahead.

Service and Vehicle Maintenance

Begin by taking your vehicle in for service. During the winter, our vehicles are exposed to a lot: salt/sand, harsh winds, freezing temperatures, etc. etc. Our service department can do a number of different services to get your vehicle prepared for the warming temperatures For example:

  • Overall health check
  • Tire swap
  • Oil changes
  • And more!

It’s a good idea to ensure your vehicle is in great condition as we head into another season. Ignoring a problem or perhaps being unaware of a problem, can cause more issues down that road that you don’t need holding up your summer plans.

Cleaning the Exterior

Start with the exterior of your vehicle. Take it to a car wash (preferably manual because an automatic wash doesn’t give you a good, deep clean) and thoroughly wash your ride. Start with liquid soap from the pressure washer, then the foam brush, then a good rinse and finally finish off with a layer of wax. This will keep your paint job looking nice and sparkly in the summer sun.

There are so many benefits of doing a deep clean or getting your vehicle professionally detailed from time to time. Two of the most important reasons being:

  • Keeps the condition of your vehicle in a good state when you remove buildup and preserves the paint job
  • Consider your resale value: A car that has been washed and waxed regularly will prevent unsightly scratches and make your vehicle much more appealing to potential buyers.

Cleaning the Interior

Spring cleaning is a deep cleaning. If you’re going to spend time washing the exterior of your vehicle, you may as well give the inside a good scrub down while you’re at it.

Start by removing your floormats, rinse/vacuum them and move on to wiping the interior with the proper cleaning products. If you’re dealing with leather, you want to ensure you’re using safe products.

Don’t forget some of the smaller areas such as air vents. We recommend using a small, soft brush to wipe away dust and grime that built up over winter. A foam paint brush or a microfiber cloth both work great!

Getting Organized

Cleaning out the interior of your vehicle gives you the opportunity to reorganize the items you need to keep in the car. Whether it’s a stack of Starbuck’s cups you’ve collected or a package of Wet Wipes, it’s finally time to face the clutter and get organized. Check out this helpful video to learn some clever storage ideas for inside the vehicle.

Feeling Demotivated?

We get it. Spring cleaning is a lot of work. We don’t know many people who truly enjoy it, but it needs to be done. If you’re feeling a bit demotivated this spring and not feeling like rolling up your sleeves to get the job done yourself, give us a call! Our neighbours at Universal Collision Centre have an amazing Auto Spa with reasonable package options.


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