The 2020 Lincoln Corsair

July 19th, 2018 by

Could the MKC Be Replaced?

There have been rumours lately that Lincoln might be replacing the MKC with a new vehicle called the Corsair. The company plans to release the next generation of compact crossovers by 2020 and we can hardly wait. It appears that the Lincoln Motor Company is stepping its luxury game up and making their vehicles feel even more extravagant.

Popular Compact Vehicles

Over the past 10 years, compact SUVs and crossover sales have skyrocketed. In 2013 luxury SUV sales surpassed car sales in Canada and this is an interesting shift in the market. Ford Canada has also released a statement in April 2018 saying they will no longer be selling small cars in North America. This reduction in consumer demand is evident in any parking lot at the mall. SUVs, trucks and compact crossover vehicles are everywhere now!

According to Automotive News, Ford Motor Co. has told U.S. dealers that the beloved MKC will be replaced by the Corsair when the compact luxury crossover is redesigned in 2020. Perfect timing too, with more and more compact SUVs coming into the market. Cadillac, a direct competitor, is also one to stay on trend with its highly anticipated (and luxurious) XT4. Other competitors include Lexus SUVs like the RX or NX, as well as BMW’s X3.  

The Rumours

Autoweek has revealed that dealers had an exclusive look at the next generation Ford Escape, Explorer, Mach 1 battery-electric crossover, an unnamed small SUV (which could be the Bronco) and a Lincoln Continental sedan with suicide doors in May. The future of SUVs is getting exciting and it’s something consumers have been patiently waiting for. They want to see a big change in the market instead of seeing small, predictable changes in current lineups.

Corsair – Behind the Name 

The name Corsair is the name of a pirate ship as well as a World War II fighter plane. After 11 years, it’s apparent that Lincoln is finally starting to move away from vehicle names that are just a few letters long like ‘MKC.’ Corsair fits well with the brand’s other travel-themed names like the Navigator, Aviator, and Nautilus. Lincoln currently has four SUV vehicles to choose from: the MKC, MKX, MKT, and the Navigator. The MKC is the smallest in size and going up from there. If you have a larger family that’s typically involved in sports and other activities, you might lean towards a Navigator. As for smaller families, couples, or even a single person with a career that requires travelling with equipment, they may choose the MKC. This is perhaps why the company wants to put a larger emphasis on the compact side of their SUV vehicles.

Even though there is talk about this new luxury SUV from Lincoln, we won’t see it until 2020 at the earliest. The brand still plans to release an updated MKC for 2019 that will have new tech features as well as their new mesh grille design.

The Future Of Lincoln

Even though we still have a few years to wait for the Corsair, Lincoln enthusiasts can look forward to the updated MKC in 2019. If you have any questions or would like to stay updated with Lincoln news, click here.


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