The Lincoln Way

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The Lincoln Way

Lincoln’s ethos as explained by CEO Mark Fields is to treat luxury as an experience rather than a thing. That means focusing not just on the product, but on the ownership experience. After all, it carries on for years after the initial sale at the dealership. That’s not to say Lincoln vehicles aren’t excellent (go sit inside a new Navigator). But in a highly competitive luxury market, simply delivering a good product is not enough. That’s why Lincoln offers services like the Lincoln Way app which gives you a more convenient way to interact with your vehicle and access the services of Capital Lincoln.

Lincoln Way App

The Lincoln Way app, currently available from the Android and Apple app stores, has a simple user interface and number of great features. First is the ability to remotely lock and unlock your Lincoln. If you forget whether or not you locked your vehicle, just open the app and make sure. If you forget or keys, or a family member is locked out, unlocking is as easy as making a phone call.

Naturally, you can also use the Lincoln Way app to remotely start your vehicle. This includes the ability to schedule remote starts so that your vehicle is always warm when you leave your house in the morning. Impressively, these features work at a range infinitely greater than those of traditional remote start systems. As long as you and the vehicle are within cell service, you can take full advantage.

There’s also an interactive parking map to help you find a safe place to park your Lincoln wherever you are. And to ensure you avoid a Seinfeldian parkade odyssey, you can use location services to find your Lincoln anywhere. With Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, you can manage your account and even make payments. Finally, the Lincoln Way app gives you access to live Status Alerts. Connect to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system, and receive alerts about tire pressure, fuel level, and oil life.


The Lincoln Way App also gives you access to Lincoln Pickup and Delivery, a feature that makes service appointments as painless as possible. When you need maintenance during the first four years (or 80,000kms) of ownership on your 2018 Lincoln, just use the Lincoln Way app to schedule pickup. A dealership representative will comes pick up your Lincoln and leave you with a comparable loaner vehicle. When the service is completed, you arrange a convenient pickup, and your vehicle is returned. Lincoln Way also lets you chat with a concierge about products, service, or finance.

Of course, whenever you access dealership services through the Lincoln Way app, you get customer care of the highest quality. Capital Lincoln has been named DealerRater’s Lincoln Dealer of the Year in Saskatchewan for the past six years. Whether you’re browsing for a new vehicle, getting maintenance, or simply have a question, you always get respect and transparency. In other words, the same standard of quality visible in the Lincoln-exclusive handmade, Bridge of Weir Leather seats is reflected in the way you’re treated.

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