Your Top 5 Winter Dates

December 3rd, 2020 by

Explore all that Regina has to offer with 5 fun winter dates! Read our recommendations then grab your date and get moving! 


Rock Climbing

Feeling sporty? This date will exercise your brain as well as your body! Cue Regina Climbing Centre. Get out of your comfort zone with an evening of climbing! The team at Regina Climbing Centre is always looking to keep things interesting by setting new routes that mimic outdoor rock climbing. Hit the pro shop and grab the gear that works for you before you embark on your climbing adventure! Race each other to the top, the loser fronts the bill on your next date! Be sure to make an appointment and bring a mask! 


Let It Flow

Grab your mat and get ready to sweat it out with a hot yoga flow class! We recommend Oxygen Hot Yoga and Fitness’ Hot Yoga Freedom Flow class. It’s the perfect mix of workout meets zen. Step out of the cold and into the warm studio with your date and get ready for an hour of yoga that will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and ready for your next date! 


Go Antiquing 

Are you looking for the perfect table lamp that’ll make your new side table and subsequently the entire corner of your living room’s brand new reading nook POP? Then, this is the date for you! Now you may be thinking, “I don’t need a new side lamp or even anything in particular” and that’s okay! Going antiquing without a find in mind can sometimes be half of the fun! You won’t know what you’re looking for until it jumps right out at you, in all its vintage-y glory.  We’ve vetted the best spots in Regina that are sure to make your antiquing dreams come true. We recommend checking out the Antique Mall, Centennial Market Antique Warehouse, and YQR Vintique Market for your antiquing date! 


Holiday Shopping

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner. If the lights, snow, decorations, and all-around festive vibes haven’t been getting you in the spirit, doing some Christmas shopping will definitely do the trick! Support local shops and check out our favourites:


Mortise and Tenon: Located in downtown Regina, Mortise and Tenon is a home décor, clothing, eco-friendly alternative supply, and giftware boutique in downtown Regina,

Paper Umbrella: Located in Cathedral Village Paper Umbrella offers a selection of sophisticated cards, fine writing utensils and unique gifts. 

Handmade Saskatchewan:  Located in the CornwallCentre, they have everything from homemade jams, fudge, and candies, to home decor, jewelry, and local authors’ books. Products change daily, so there’s always something new for you to explore! 


See the Orchestra

If shopping and sweating aren’t typically your style, don’t worry. Our last date recommendation is sure to have you wonderfully whisked away with the Symphony’s sound of music. From Thursday, December 17- Saturday, December 19th enjoy Vivaldi Reimagined at Holy Rosary Cathedral as Max Richter recomposes the iconic Four Seasons. This date is perfect for anyone who is fond of music and the general sound of joy at Christmastime! 


Date In Style 

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas to get you through the winter months, all you have to do is get there! Thankfully, Capital Lincoln has the most luxurious and functional lineup of vehicles, which are well equipped for the exciting day you’re about to take on. 


  • The 2020 Navigator 
  • The 2020 Aviator
  • The 2020 Nautilus
  • The 2020 Corsair
  • The 2020 Continental
  • The 2020 MKZ 


From Sedans to SUVs, we’ve got it all. Build yours today, so you can get on the road tomorrow. Call or visit us at 1(866)891-9501 and 1201 Pasqua Street North and experience next-level luxury! 

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