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The redesigned 2023 Lincoln Corsair is a thing of beauty. With its athletic design, innovative technology, and bold craftsmanship, the SUV is perfect for daily driving and cross-country adventures, and now, it is elevated with the PHEV status.


Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are the perfect choice for people who are ready to dip their toe into the world of electric vehicles, but still appreciate the stability of gasoline engines. The vehicle is built to accommodate both electric and gasoline power to give you unbelievable efficiency, power, and torque in Pure EV mode plus affordable visits to the pump and the opportunity to go further distances when you switch to Preserve EV mode.


Lincoln’s upgrade to the world of electric starts with the Corsair Grand Touring. It comes with updates to the aesthetic and the experience to truly deliver a premium luxury vehicle that you cannot deny. The feel of the road, the feel of the controls–the feeling while driving the Corsair is unlike anything else.

With Pure EV mode, the acceleration is quick and the gas is irrelevant (a great thing for current gas price trends). You can do all your errands across town and not have to worry about gas (or mileage or the environment) at all. The EV battery does all the work and the hybrid engine seamlessly engages to provide additional power if you need it. Preserve EV mode saves battery power and uses the engine and motor to glide through any road conditions.


Premium luxury calls for premium materials and elevated technology. When you step inside the 2023 Lincoln Corsair, you can feel the quality in every stitch. The Lincoln ActiveGlide 1.2 hands-free features offer an intuitive and effortless driving experience and a new capability and functionality in the vehicle. This means that drivers can move through traffic with confidence with Lane Change Assist, as far as suggesting a lane change in slow-moving traffic. Predictive Speed Assist automatically adjusts vehicle speed as drivers approach a curve and alerts the driver about the approaching speed change. In-Lane Repositioning keeps the Corsair in its lane while Intersection Assistant 2.0 helps avoid potential collisions with pedestrians while turning. Blind Spot Assist will alert the driver on the side mirror and nudge the steering system to caution missed warnings from the Blind Spot Information System – perfect for other vehicles and particularly motorcyclists in the blind spots. Auto Air Refresh is an active air monitoring and air filtration system that cleans cabin air by filtering out particles like dust, smoke, smog, and pollen.

The interior is stunning. The centre screen is 13.2 inches and features SYNC 4 technology. From the driver’s seat, the 12.3-inch LCD cluster comes standard with a beautiful Lincoln Constellation digital interface. There’s more. Alexa built-in hands-free experience offers music, navigation, smart home control (yes, really), and voice commands to help keep your focus on the road instead of where to find fuel, the road trip DJ playlist, or the nearest Starbucks.

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