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The newest concept model from Lincoln looks like it belongs in a Sci-Fi movie (in a good way). Its futuristic design and functionality make it stand out above its peers.


Ultra sleek. Ultra futuristic. Ultra cool. Inspired by the past, focused on the future. The Lincoln L100 Concept pays homage to the 1922 Lincoln Model L, the brand’s first luxury vehicle while advancing the vision for the automotive future. The 100th-anniversary edition concept vehicle positions itself to take on the next century with immaculate design, zero emissions, and technological advancements.

Lincoln has pioneered many innovations in its 100-year history, pushing boundaries and creating iconic designs. With the Model L100 Concept, Lincoln is again reimagining the future of the automobile, incorporating sanctuary and human interaction as major motivations for the design features.


Using next-generation battery cell and pack technologies, the Model L100 will deliver game-changing energy plus its ultra-efficient because the entire vehicle is treated as one system. Not only does it deliver an elegant design, but the interior cabin space is also maximized.

The futuristic design allows us to inspire new technologies and designs, and reimagine what cars can do for us. The Model L100 pushes the boundaries and evolves Lincoln’s Quiet Flight tech to the next level.

At the centre of the design “chessboard” sits a jewel-inspired piece controller that truly redesigns the vehicle controls in a completely new way. This stunning piece replaces a traditional steering wheel, elevating the autonomous vehicle’s intuitive and effortless design. The vehicle focuses on engagement between its passengers – seating configurations can be adapted for the occasion; want a good conversation? The front seats can be flipped to create a space to engage with fellow passengers face-to-face across from rear passengers.

The exterior design is aero-shaped, low to the ground, and virtually seamless. The glass roof and reverse-hinged doors welcome you with a hug – the signature Lincoln Embrace. Smart wheel covers use lighting and sensors to indicate motion, battery, and human presence. Metallic paint and frosted acrylic dazzle. A satin digital ceramic tricoat highlights a warm, soft white that transitions to a complementary cool blue. Wow! Absolutely stunning.

Stepping inside the cabin, the passengers are immersed in accents of amethyst, recycled suede fabric, and incredible animal-free materials. The entire interior is designed to completely envelop the passengers with a stunning digital floor, personalized canopy and mood-matching ambient lighting all contribute to an enhanced experience that is unlike any other. All working together like a fine-tuned symphony, the interior lighting harmonizes with sound, scent, and touch while the digital floor complements the experience, transporting passengers to a futuristic sanctuary.

Finally, the crystal greyhound hood ornament is a nod to the brand’s design heritage, dating all the way back to the 1922 Model L, which was highly regarded for its outstanding engineering and the foundation of its luxurious history. The greyhound was originally selected by the one and only Edsel Ford in the 1920s to represent elegance, grace, and speed – a perfect symbol for the Lincoln brand.

“This concept allowed us to design a new experience that is unburdened by past limitations and represents an evolution of our Quiet Flight tenets,” said Kemal Curic, global design director, Lincoln. “The ultimate expression of our Model L100 design is one that moves effortlessly – a vehicle that appears to be sculpted by the wind, as if friction does not exist.”

Take a peek at the Lincoln Model L100

Information from Lincoln Media.

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